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January 22, 2009


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I love how your Expedit looks. We do have an Expedit, in white, exactly like yours. It's in our living room, and we store books, magazine, and display some travel souvernirs. We love it! Ours is not as neatly organized as yours, but since you are an inspiration, I think this will be my next reorganizing project!


I love how you've displayed his items so artfully. I'm a two Expedit gal - one in the family room (5 x 5) and one in the master bedroom (4 x 4). I store books, magazines (in holders), photo albums, photo boxes, and baskets for items that aren't so easily contained. I'm frequently rearranging/pruning items from the Expedits so that they aren't too messy. I need to build some risers for a couple of my cubbies. And Yvonne's Expedit is just lovely. I admired it when it was in the Netherlands and I admire it in Belgium now!


I love the way you organize things and I am AMAZED that your teenager lets you move around HIS stuff. We have the exact Expedit in Elmer's room. It is full of toys and books for babies at the moment.


I have two of the 2 row Expedits (beech) in my spare room/office. Originally, I was going to use the units for below window space in each bedroom, but the Expedits look better together against a wall.

The units hold all my office supplies, computer books, etc. They really are a help. And, the top is great for plants. :)


I have an Expedit in my office which is great because it holds so many office supplies especially oversized stuff that wouldn't fit on a regular bookshelf.

Unfortunately mine is scary-looking. I know where everything is on it but no one else would be able to find anything. I love looking at beautifully organized spaces but am unable to create them for myself!


Our temporary apartment is one big long echo-y room with a kitchen sans storage cabinets. We use our 5x5 Expedit as a room divider between kitchen/dining room and our living room. On the dining room side it holds all of our dishware, as well as other kitchen items such as colanders and our dutch oven. On the living room side it is primarily DVD storage. Everything fits just perfectly, and we have no idea what we would have done without it. I hope our next apartment come June has enough space for the monster!


We have a white one in our living room. It has drawers all along the bottom (where we keep things like tea lights & extra dry goods that don't fit in the canisters in our tiny kitchen).

The shelves hold books mostly and some magazines (in holders), our handmade, mini-bicycle collection (a few each in 4 different cubes) and a few decorative boxes where we keep little things like extra bus passes, spare cell phone chargers, pens & bits of paper for making shopping lists. It holds basically every tiny thing we wouldn't otherwise have a place for!


we have an expedit in our four year old's room (http://www.flickr.com/photos/peacockmodern/2782081273/) and are thinking about getting one for an open wall in our kitchen. They are so handy for storing everything! Ours is never as nice and neat as yours though....


I want a mini cooper so much but can't afford one!!! Now I know how I might get my mini cooper! I won't be able to bring home the groceries with it but can say I have one!!!

jenny b harris

I love Expidit! We put two black ones in an L-shape on our oversize upstairs landing, with a Poang chair and ottoman, and a black Lersta lamp. It makes a great place to sit and read, with lots of books and magazines right at hand.


I have an EXPEDIT in my loft office/craft space. Each cubby has an Ikea storage box (various sizes of White KASSET & 2 teal DROSA baskets.) They hold all my stamping supplies I love it and am sure we'll but more for the new house when we move in.

Anna @ D16

I've always wanted an Expedit, but the baseboard moldings in my house are deep and tall (10"!), so I can't put anything against the wall unless it has legs. I thought about notching out the back to accommodate the moldings, but it just wouldn't look right.

They are WONDERFUL for record (vinyl) storage, though!


Lovely use of expedit! I'm very jealous because ours (which we bought about six years ago for our son's books, school supplies, craft things, etc.) has been languishing for almost five years now in our garage, because it didn't fit anywhere in our house. So it sits in the garage, officially storing our outside toys, rain gear, gardening tools, etc. but unofficially storing dust, bugs, and other nasties that probably ensure that it will never again be decent enough to be in a house. Boo hoo. And us without an Ikea within 400 miles.

carol k

Willie's Expidit bookshelves look orderly and FUN! I always enjoy seeing what you do and one of the reasons I am so attracted to your home is your sense of play. You create such a happy feeling. I love the Mini's. We have plans for an Expidit in a studio space we are working on (in our garage). I like the drawers that fit it too!


Mm, we've got one too - a 5x5 in the kitchen with practically everything in it: files, cookbooks, the scanner, our few bottles of wine, the stock pot -- it's great! But it doesn't look as classy as yours.


I never thought of using those Ferrero Roche candy boxes for dvds. That's such a great idea. I think I need to start eating more chocolate...

Annie Pazoo

I love the Expedit, and was just at Ikea last weekend checking them all out...because I, too, want one to organize my crafts!

Tara Furnas

Love the robot collection...where did you get them all? My son is 2 and loves robots... i may have to start him a collection.


Hello, Benita, just to let you know how enjoyable and inspiring your ideas are. Putting them into practice is a bit more difficult. By the way, have you ever renovated wicker or rattan furniture? I have been given some I would like to paint white, and would appreciate any ideas. Best wishes, Mal


Thanks so much for showing this. I need to rearrange also all my bookshelves and this has showed me ideas!


I have two Expidit's in my hallway. I have books in all the cubbies but the bottom ones where I have the containers with some craft stuff and bill stuff. Love it!


LOVE mini cooper collection!

I also have some...and some Vespa motorbikes.


I also love the Expedit. :) We used to have one of the larger ones as a room divider/DVD storage with access from both sides, but it divided the room too much (if that makes any sense - it had to do with light, and the room seeming smaller), so we moved it up against a wall and attached the Expedit desk to it to make a little office nook.

I love your idea of using foam core board to build shelf raisers - that is one of the issues I'm having with the Expedit, so much space goes unused. I will definitely look into making some shelf raisers of my own. :)


I have no Expedit yet, but we always get a lot of Ferrero from my Granny for Christmas, Birthdays, Easter etc. Now I know what to do with the boxes, thanks a lot :)

Cathi in Ireland

I have two of the big expedits, one in
white in the playroom, it is GREAT for toys, with baskets on the bottom organized for barbies, ponies, dress up, lego and miscellaneous. Top row baskets have art supplies for kids and playdoh stuff...mom has to get those down!!

My sewing room has an expedit in beech and has Kassett boxes organized in colors and some in themes, full of fabric scraps and small pieces (I dont buy much yardage of fabric for my quilts). I also have storage for my handmade gifts I've received, books and many tins holding practical sewing notions...

I really enjoy your blog!


Oooohh! There are so many uses for the Expedit! Thank you!!!

Tara, I got the robots in several places, one of which being in a museum shop and all the tiny one's in a toy store. I agree, they are really fun!

Mal, I have painted rattan. Tried spray paint the first time but the second time I just brushed the paint on and that was more successful. You have to watch out for drips though and not do one thick coat but several thinner ones. It took a few coats to get good coverage. Martin is really good at swapping old rattan to new. We've made new radiator covers and renovated old chair seats and it's been really good. To get a really tight rattan surface you soak it in water before stretching it onto wherever you want it. When it dries it then stretches even more and you get a really tight fit.

joan Vignocchi

what i love is how much space is devoted to my favorite books ever - harry potter! i, too, have them separated by language on my bookshelf. i just build the books around those!


I just LOOOVE Expedit too! We actually have three and a half in our house... One in our boys room for toys and books, cd´s and stuff, and a small one in our play-/guestroom (it´s only 2x4 squares big, but the top is a very good height for playing with the toys!). We have one in our office, for all the office supplies and my scrapbooking-stuff. And the last one is in our walk-in-closet used for all the folded clothes and boxes with underwear, socks and so on. I just realized that we are an Expedit-family..! Think I have to write a post on my own blog about it!


Yes I do have one Expedit and store there my books, it is in white and one psrt of white furniture in my home office.


Oh you, now one can buy expedit white door for every cube :-)) (vetry easy to put on) so we can play with design or hide some cubes and their content :-)

Down Comforter

I don't have an Expedit, but could really use one. I'm so jealous of your neatly organized wall :)


Your expedit is done up so neat and nice. Do you mind if I add your shots to my blog on the Expedit? I just got one in my home. And thought of showcasing what others do in their homes.... with the Expedit. :D


Jo, no problem :)


I have got one of these in the games room and its full to the brim with games and books. Might need another one soon.

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