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December 10, 2008


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i love your gingerbread house! i wish i would be a good baker to make something sweet like that.


I love your Stadshuset (City Hall) - had a banquet this summer there, it was amazing :-)
BUt I would really like to see Lucia and her show!

Brandi H.

What a great little gingerbread house! It stays in great shape for being packed away year after year!


Your gingerbread house is adorable! nice work!


Love the gingerbread house!!! Amazing! I never thought of that even though there's also a book of gingerbread houses designed by architects.


i'm awful at making gingerbread houses. :(
i wish i had your skill!
great job!


Brandi, it's an old photo :) We did keep it for almost a year though and everytime we went into the storage room it smelt divine in there. In the end it was just too big to keep so in the bin it went.

Memmu, I saw a similar book at Moma Store!


How fun to see your backyard. It's different from what I expected ... although I can't tell you what I thought it would look like :)


i can't believe my eyes. even your umbrella outdoor is white! :))


I am so disappointed that now I will not be surprised by my Lucia visit on Saturday morning. It makes the whole trip seem less worthwhile. In fact, I think I'll just forget about the awards ceremony and head back to my Den of Genius now.


Anonymous Very Smart Person
Just kidding!!!! It's only me, Quinn!!!!


Hahahaha... :)


The gingerbread house is so cute!


There should be a Nobel prize for gingerbread houses. You would win! But, seriously, I'm so excited for one of my favorite New York Times columnists. Paul Krugman won the Nobel Economics Prize. I'd never heard about that early morning suprise they get. Sounds like a hoot!


Vilket fint bygge!!


My husband's granny makes thinbread every year. Is that a tradition for your family as well?

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