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December 15, 2008


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Wow!... that is amazing!!... you, and your family, are very talented!!... my hat is off to you... I saw your gingerbread house you had made of your home on another web site. It was so impressive it is making the internet rounds!


I love these! What a fun twist on the gingerbread house. GREAT JOB!


excellent job...any New Yorker would be proud to have these!

How about Washington DC next year? Lots of cool buildings here :^)


Hi there - lovely gingerbread-houses! Great job!


I'm so impressed with all the talent in your household! What a lovely way to make happy holiday memories.


Oj oj så fint!!! Förra året tillverkade jag ett brownstone-hus som inspiration inför min kommande New York resa. Nu blev jag ju riktigt inspirerad att prova på Empire state eller något liknande:D


Whoa....unbelievable. I live an hour outside of NYC (in Connecticut). We are going in on Sunday to see the Radio City Christmas Show and do all the fun touristy Christmas stuff. You could make a lot of money selling these in New York! Too charming!


amazing - you guys rock!


*jealous* those are just amazing!


How fun! My sister told me about your blog and it is lovely! Thank you!


OMIGOD. You are amazing 1. to think of it 2. to DO it!


OMIGOD. You are amazing 1. to think of it 2. to DO it!

Annie Pazoo

Oh, Benita! These are beautiful, whimsical, and wonderful!


Wow looks fantastic! You and Willie are very clever!!


Thanks guys!... I mean gals ...


I am completely impressed!!! Wowee!


This is so wonderful, Benita, as is the gingerbread version of your house too!
I had misfortunes with my gingerbreadhouse: bought a kit from Ikea. I guess it wasnt suited to my seaside location as all the biscuit went soft and my painstakingly decorated house crumbled in!


Wow, wow, wow!!!


AMAZING! I could never get a gingerbread house right. Maybe it's the weather that doesn't help much - too hot around Christmastime here in Brazil.


Wow! What an amazing familiy project!


How cute! I'm planning to do a couple of gingerbread projects this week too. Have you guys tried a gingerbread mobile? And I don't mean a cell phone but a mobile, a loop with hanging gingerbread decorations. There are so many ways to have fun with gingerbread cookies!


Wow! How cool is this!? You are so creative!!


I am impressed. Very cool.


Hej Benita!

Kikar in och vill bara tacka så mycket för din gulliga kommentar! :) Blev så glad. Passar också på att önskar dig en riktigt God Jul!

Kram Jenny


Just wonderful, WOW!!! I sent the link to a friende that lives in NY and loves the Chrysler building, she was amazed.
My bday is december 23th, so one year I had a gigerbread house for cake, it was beautiful. But my mom never did it again, she says it was the hardest thing she had done, it was almost impossible to keep dry because of the hot and humid weather in Fortaleza (Brasil).


Tiina, haven't tried that yet. Did make a wreath one year and decorated it with gingerbread stars though. Will have to try the mobile!

By the way, the whole house smells divine :)


These are just amazing! Well done Wille on the icing!


that looks great and so yummy
what is the recipe for the ginger bread? and the icing?
I never have made ginger bread before but we had some recently and my 18 month old ate it as it was no tomorrow.
I hope you had a wonderful christmas!


Yamila, you can find a recipe below the fourth photo :)


Awesome! Here is a Gingerbread Empire State Building I built in 2007 to help support Big Brothers Big Sisters in Lawrence, KS.

Gingerbread Empire State Building Link


Searchlawrence, that's so cool!!!

Emma from 50 danska kvadrat

Ojojoj! Jag är verkligen imponerad! Jag lyckades inte ens sätta ihop det FÄRDIGA pepparkakshuset som jag köpt!


hejsan hejsan
i really like your blog. i stumbled across your kitchen featured on apartment therapy. you inspired me to clean and get more organized!
by the way, i live in a suburb of new york city and really appreciated the cookie versions of our favorite landmarks! very special!
i haven't updated my blog in ages, but included the link...

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