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November 11, 2008


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Ah, ich möchte auch welche. One of my favorite Kekse :)


Vilken härlig blogg och vilka fina bilder! :-)

/Karin från fotokursen


They look delicious, Benita. I will try them out the coming weekend.
On another note: I completely understand that you won't be blogging on weekends anymore - I'm already in ave of you blogging every weekday...


These look SO good! I'll for sure have to try this recipe:0)


Lövely! Kommer att testas! TACK!


These look amazing. I'll definitely try them out too.


Mumsigt! Nu vet jag vad jag ska göra under min sjukskrivning i december! (förutom att bjuda över er till en god middag också förstås...)



They sound great! Thanks for sharing. I like the idea of turning off the oven, and then putting them in with the door proped open. My recipes always say to bake them the second time and I end up with burnt biscotti. I may try this technique with my other recipes, too. Thanks again!

Annie Pazoo

These look great -- I love making mandelbrot and biscotti. Can't wait to try your recipe!


Looks so easy to make that I'll give it a try tomorrow. I know some friends of mine that will love to have some for Christmas treats, lol...

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