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October 06, 2008


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Hi there, great cover! - I love the fabric in the sewing area. A couple of days ago I did just the same with my old sewing machine http://hyggelig.typepad.com/my_weblog/2008/10/ein-neues-kleid.html

Love your blog - greetings from Berlin - Cathinca


I LOVE this idea Benita - I just may do it myself. Thanks for the specific directions :).

Ellas Inspiration

Thanks for the inspiration!
Tack för inspirationen!



Daisy Steiner

Fab. Great material.


Happy Anniversary to the both of you! This is such a fabulous project that can bring a beautiful sense of order to any sewing table. I'll be linking to this project!

Mrs. b

What a beatiful cover!


Hello Benita,
Happy anniversary ! Lovely post as well,


Greetings! I just got a sewing machine and I'd really love to make this cover. Where did you get the great fabric? It would look so great in my room :)

Thanks very much. Love your blog!

- Morningblue

Ksenia in Canada



Thank you Benita! And happy anniversary! :)


Haha, you're such a perfectionist recovering the ironing board too! Love it. Great fabric too. My sewing machine has a handle up top I use to lift it, I suppose yours doesn't or you don't use it?



Happy anniversary and thanks for sharing :o)


En sån här fick vi göra i årskurs 6! Den har min Mamma nu. Jag har en i plast till min nya men det här var ju sååå mycket finare. Du är begåvad som kan mönstra på frihand!! Varifrån kommer det underbara tyget? Kram!


I love how you explain things and make them look so easy!


Wow, your blog is amazing, such an inspiration!


Thank you all!

Cathinca, cute!!!

Morningblue and Lindzi, the fabric is by Frösö Handtryck, it's called Momo and is designed by Eva Jent. It comes in a whole range of colors and can be ordered or inquired about by e-mailing here: http://www.linofin.se/ Unfortunately it's probably pretty expensive... I got my piece for free for helping out in the shop...

Christine, there is a handle on top and if I need to carry it I just grab it through the fabric. That's what I did with the last cover I had on which was the same design. Now the machime mostly stays put on the work top though.


Beautiful..love the fabric too!


I love it and made one too!



Ana, yours looks great! Love the fabric. I tried to comment on your blog but didn't quite understand how to so I hope you find this comment here :)


Brilliantly helpful tutorial! I've included you in a round-up of the best sewing machine cover tutorials here:

Lunar M

I love the fabric for the sewing machine and iron board covers, very pretty. I shall make one.


Love it - just what my machine needs! Thanks.


I've been meaning to make one, and your method sounds quick and easy - right up my alley! ;) Thanks! :)

Lenetta @ Nettacow

I just noticed the other day that my sewing machine was getting a bit dusty. :>) Thank you for the step by step! I linked to this on my weekly roundup (post is under my name) - and your ironing board cover, too. (Love the kitty helper - mine are just the same!) I was very disappointed when I realized that my board is actually metal. Ah, well.

Thanks, and happy Thanksgiving!!


I just got new machine and found your cover the simplist, so will give it a try. I am not sure I understand why I need to know where the middle of the fabric is though. I think I want to use a fairly heavy fabric so it will hold its shape well, otherwise might think of lining it for more stiffness as well. Thanks.


You want to know where the middle is so you don't get uneven sides to your cover.


So I just found your blog and I am officially in. love. Your tutorials are awesome and all of your pictures are so lovely! I also loved the fabric you used for your cover. It's fun to look at. :)


I made a cover for my back up machine and will make a cover for my Featherweight tomorrow. I like keeping it out of the case, but do not want it to get dusty. Thanks for the tute!



Thank you for the free tutorial! I just took up sewing two weeks ago and this was my first project!

I had a really rough time at first because I cut my side pieces a bit too large, but I finally figured it out and then it came together nicely. The corners @ the top were really difficult, but I'm sure with some more practice I'll get the hang of it!

Thanks again!


I don't understand how to assemble this. From the pics, it looks like the top is pinned in a nice square. Mine is all bunched to try to curve around the one continuous middle piece of fabric. I'm a beginner sewer and need more detail.


I wrote this post four years ago so I don't really have it all clear in my head anymore. Here's what I remember, I did pin it like a square but took extra care, going super slow on the corners, lifting the lever and rearranging the fabric under the presser foot and then doing a few more stitches, lifting again and so on.


Hey thanks! I kind of threw the question out there not sure if you'd still be replying to an older project. When I pin the fabric in the middle and work my way around to the sides into a nice box-like shape like you have in the pic, the side panels end up much longer than the large front/back panel. If I pin starting on the bottom corners rather than the middle, then the bunching happens once I make my way into the middle. The side panels are 1 inch longer than the height of the machine and 1 inch wider than the side width. The front/back continuous panel is 1 inch longer than the front to back measurement. If you are able to tell, does it seem like I messed up lengths/widths? I'll keep playing with it! I liked your cover much more than some of the boxier looking ones out there. Thanks again!

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