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October 14, 2008


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Should I have to ever do this, you've made the chore look half-way doable! I love the last image with the shade partly down as if to say "And that's all - good-bye!"

Anna @ D16

Ugh, this is my least favorite thing to do, but every weekend I try to repair at least one of the many windows in my house! I really don't like to complain, though, because it's far better to have old, wood windows that can be repaired than to have new vinyl windows that eventually fall apart and need to be replaced. I do love my old windows, and most of them have the original blown glass panes intact. It's just the glazing that has dried up and fallen out.

I don't know if you can get it in Sweden, but I've been experimenting with DAP Latex Window Glazing, and it seems very good so far. You use it in a caulk gun, so it's easier to work with than putty. Also, I use glazing "points" rather than pins. There's a little tool made just for putting them in -- makes things a bit easier!


I have to admit this isn't the kind of thing I'd even attempt to do on my own! I'm impressed!


It's so cool to see how this is done!


I have been reading your blog for quite some time now, and I always pictured you looking something like Bree van de Kamp, the redhead desperate housewife.

This chore is definitely something Bree wouldn't do, but then you don't look anything like her either. At least not with those glasses on!


I am impressed! Looks great!


"Packages like these always freak me out. I get the feeling I'll break then just by looking at them."

LOL me to. I guess it is a blessing to be able to do all those things, it saves so much money and one can be really proud to say I made all that. I am not handy at all, but admire really people who are. I am much better in baking cakes.

Whare did you learn all that???

One more thing - your figure is really good!


Hi - just wondering, is the hinge of the window, really on the outside of the house??
Seems like it would be more secure if it was on the inside! You really did a fantastic job of the reglazing. I do it from to time, but mine usually don't look so professional!


Anna. thanks for the tip! I've used a similar latex product when I did changed all the panes on the boat. Didn't think of that when I did this one... Ive done quite a few of the windows around the house so I just went with the stuff I'd gotten used to I guess. Those glazing points sound interesting, will see if there's something similar over here. I'm sure there will be another window to mend soon...

I wish I ever looked as polished as Bree. I pay a lot of attention to my home and not so much to myself I'm afraid :)

Ana, I learned because I had to I guess. When we moved in we didn't have a lot of money so when a window broke I read up on the basics in a book and just went for it.


Boring? Not hardly. What a great tutorial. I had no idea about the little pins/wires that go into the frame to hold the glass. Thanks, Benita. I learned a ton from this post.


Wow, that looks like quite a job! I love your new colour scheme by the way.


Hej Benita!
Jag undrar hur du gör när du skickar tidningar och annat till din swopping-friend i USA och andra länder?
Det blir ju en så himla dyr fraktkostnad... 260 kr för en tidning och lite pyssel.
Tack på förhand!


Wow, so impressive! You are quite talented, and very inspiring!


Kel, I know... So weird. It's the only window in our house with the hinges on the outside. God knows why...


Really enjoyed this post. You help me think I can do it too!


Ok that's it, you're officially a superwoman in my books! First building your own furniture, now fixing a window! whoah hats off to you benita!!

:) tas


Great job Benita! I love your work and follow it from Germany!


Thanks for including all the pictures!

I'm in the process of buying a home with windows that are in desperate need of reglazing (the glass is mostly fine, but the putty is like 50 years old and not doing so well), so this will be really helpful.

I'm also really enjoying all your house pictures. Thanks for the inspiration! :D

Double Glazing

Well done!Winter is here and cold weather is at every home.It's important that every part of your home were prepared.Most especially,on windows.Double glazing widows will give you a comfortable ambiance,lessen the noise from outside and cares for the environment.

Lerenry Mackinley

Well that's simple enough. I think the most difficult part would be applying the putty and flatting it. I tried it - took several tries before I perfected it. The best thing to use to keep the putty level are your wet fingers. Just wash them afterward. My dad mixes the putty with a bit of motor oil to make it more pliable, but this is not really necessary.

Katie Nicoll

That was indeed a lengthy post, but not boring at all! Hm, I think I just might try this procedure on our windows to sort of update their look. Hope you don’t mind, but can you post the total cost of doing this? Thanks!


This was four years ago so I can't remember I'm afraid. The window pane was around USD 70 at the time and I'm guesstimating the whole thing came to around 90?

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