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September 10, 2008


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Another FABULOUS and informative post Benita! Great design principles. I'll be linking to this!


THIS IS SO AWESOME! I love that you broke it all down and explained it so clearly. You ROCK, Benita!

Joan in Louisiana


Wonderful, very helpful post! Thank you so much! I love learning decorating tricks like these.


I'm really loving this blog. Everyday I look forward to seeing more pictures of your projects, ideas and home. Thank you!


WoW! Thank you so much for this post - just what I needed to learn! :-D

Do you have any good tricks for hanging stuff on the wall too?


Thanks for this post! Very helpful!


Dear Benita

I love this post - and I hope it´s ok that I´ve posted it here.


WOW! This is what I always struggle with, displaying items. I have great stuff but I am not good at grouping or displays. Thank you so much! Please continue to teach more on this subject.


I LOVED this post. I am a visual learner and I totally loved how you explained how to make things look great. I have to go now, I have lots of stuff to regroup. Thanks!!!

PS How bout a post on how to hang pictures and make them look good?


Love this post Benita!!! Have a great weekend!


thanks for this post. i am off work sunday and monday and am going to put these principles of design to get my items into a great vignette. thanks


Thankyou for being so generous. That is very helpful.

Ksenia in Canada

I really enjoyed this post and now I'll always have your advice in mind when displaying ;-). Thanks!


Really good tips.
But unfortunately my boyfriend is an "space eater", he leaves, the keys, the watch, papers, every little space I leave emply...imposible to keep the shelves quite organized.

I should tell him to read your blog.

Thanks for all


Thanks for your great tips. I can't wait to try them.

I really like your blog, keep on the good work!!

Ian J

This is ace! Thanks for the tips, i love the idea of leaving negative space around stuff, similar to graphic design principles which is really cool :)

Love the how-to's you do, they are very inspirational :)

Peacock Modern

This is great - thanks so much for sharing! I posted about your great ideas on my blog as well:


Jag håller precis på och inreder ett nytt hus och dina tips kommer vara till ovärderlig hjälp, tack!

carol kradolfer

Every single day I am so inspird by your home. I love your info. about visual triangles and using space.
What are your rules for editing? I would love to hear how you get your fabulously pared down look.
Blessings to you .carol

Rachel Shingleton

LOVE this post! I've linked to it over at my blog as well. This is such an informative topic!


Something I didn't know (consciously) but funny how I've always displayed things in uneven numbers!


Really nice post. I know some of this intuitively, but not all of it, and it is nice to see it to refer to later.


Benita, I hope that you and the family are well, and that everything is fine in your part of the world. Three days without a post from you is sort of like three days without sunshine. Your posts always brighten my day. Hope to hear from you in a post soon. Take care, Jay


Oh Benita, thank you so much for this post. When grouping objects, sometimes I like, sometimes I don't. I´m sure that with your tricks I'll do it better and easier.
Your blog is a MUST !! :)


Rachel, Rachel, Peacock Modern and sidsel, thank you so much for linking! So Sweet of you :)

I'll definitely consider the picture hanging post request. Will have to have a proper think about it first though...

carol kradolfer, this may answer your question on editing.

carol k

Benita- Thanks for the 10 organizing tips. I am using the give away bag tip and I am working on realizing that ,in a 100 life times ,I'll probably never use all the stuff I have, so I can let it go. YEAH!
You are so inspiring. Thanks again.


it looks super Benita. lovely post.


WOW! This is a great idea. I will definitely do this in my office area. Thanks for the post. I might post this idea in my blog as well....


Thank you for this post moved into a new home and hope to soon be doing some decorating. This will hep. I have also used this post in my blog with a link back here. Keep up the great blogs. I always enjoy them!


gosh i love your blog.. all the ideas and te tips are so awesome.. so glad i found it


Great blog...fresh, simple..and so super, love it!


So refreshing. I just came across your blog and I love it. I posted a link myself today. I must share! (My husband's people are Swedish so my children share in your heritage.)

Sarah Jane

I knew of the triangle trick but the repetition trick is a great new idea for me!

Account Deleted

thank you for this very thoughtful post.


You are such a cool teacher! Thanks for these ideas. Found the link through Blogging your way-class of Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring.
Have a lovely day! I'll go and decorate some triangles! :)

Little Miss Wedding

great post - I really need some help with styling and this post has made it seem really simple and clear (I hope will be as simple in practice!) I to am from BYW course with Holly and Leslie and I am sure your tips will come in useful for our homework.


I am also from BYW class, referred by Leslie Shewring in our reading. Great ideas that have my mind percolating. Tak skal du ha'!

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