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August 06, 2008


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you are organized and thoughtful, i am not surprised at all. another great post


Haha, här har du din perfekta mottagare! :) Vanilj som är den bästa doften som finns, det måste väl fler tycka? Jag har också ett lager med fina inslagningsgrejer och dessutom lite små presenter, precis som du. Lika organiserad. Tur att sambon kan se att det inte bara är jag...


I am learning a lot from your website. Would you consider telling your readers about how you pack your luggage for your business trips?


Ooh, yes, packing for trips! Would love to see that.

I have a gift box, too, but mine isn't nearly as cute as yours. As always, thanks for the inspiration!


It's fun and inspiring to see how you manage and organize your household! I love your thoughtful gift items.


Ja, vad gjorde man utan en presentlåda. Jag brukar också samla på hög, vackra servietter och ljus är inte helt fel att ge bort.


Dear Benita,

I've just discovered your blog (via Ikeahacks and then Flickr and then some) and I simply love it.
I went trough every post you made since you started :-p
We're very alike in our vision of good organising and clean, simple things. I live together with my boyfriend in a very nice rental apartment. We're hoping to buy something in the next two years. Nonetheless, I invest time, love and energy (and limited money) in my rental, as it is my Home.
I've bookmarked the link to your blog, so I'll be one of your regulars from now on :-)


Arnod, from Belgium.


Åh vad jag gillar din blogg! Verkligen inspirerande!
Jag är så nyfiken på din gocco printer. Var ifrån har du köpt den? Jag vill också ha en sådan!

Bra idé med en presentlåda!

Ha det bra!


Oh I love a good gift stash :-D I do something similar but mine isnt quite as organised as yours :-S will be looking into drawers like these though as that works much better - You do card making etc as well dont you? how do you store all the associated stuff ? i have a wicker basket bursting at the seams !! Lesley x


I have all of mine little gifts stashed all over the place. This was an awesome tip...yet again. I am in the middle of reorganizing my whole house because of your blog...very necessary!B-)


Det här är ju drömmen att ha sina småpresenter. Sånt som tjejer alltid gillat. Jag var en riktig småpryltjej när jag var liten. Tack för inspirationen!


Thank you all for your sweet comments!

Lesley, the cardmaking I do is mostly goccoprinting. I keep the machine together with all the inks and accessories in it's original box and store it at the bottom of the closet in the bedroom.

Hummmlan, jag köpte min på Etsy från alittlegoodness http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5104353

Orghlaith and Patia, my next business trip will be in October so I'll try and remember to post about the packing whilst I'm at it :)

Linda, var ska jag skicka ceratet?!! Maila mig din adress! :)

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