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August 17, 2008


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Och här hade man tänkt börja ett nytt liv, det är ju måndag och allt, och så frestar du med bullar :-) Ha ha ...




great, thank you so much!
i will try that as soon as possible. yumm!


Benita,thank you for sharing your recipe!


Oh, thank you for sharing this recipe!


looks yummy - not sure of some measurements...
sugar - 5 oz (fluid - fluid is like liquid?) I guess these are just ounces?
and flour - quarts? I only know cups and grams (1000 g = 1 kilogram) Will work it out on internet measurements..

sorry - just wanted to try recipe but got stumped trying to work this out...

sorry, one more thing... what is pearl sugar? It looks in the picture like big crystals of sugar?

They look yummy so I guess I will figure it out

Thanks for post


Sharon, I translated the sugar into fluid oz as it's not weighed in the original recipe, it's poured into the measuring cup. The sugar if weighed should be 4,4 oz

I used Word to translate some of the measurements and it translated the flour into quarts... I found an online converter just now though and it says 1,3 liters of flour equals 5,4 cups.

We call the sugar on top pearl sugar. Have to say I've not come across it abroad though. It's just bigger sugar crystals, like you say.

Here's the converter. It might come in handy some other time too :)

I'm going to review the recipe to make it clearer :)


I saw Sharons question above and couldn't resist a google. Look what I found http://www.amazon.com/Lars-Own-Swedish-Pearl-Sugar/dp/B0008JGW7I


Now a blogger. ;-)

A Merry Mishap

Wow, this looks amazing!


They look easy to make. I'll give them a try. But I don't like cinammon so maybe I'll try anything different... Maybe instant coffee?, lol...


Idag det är inte kanelbullensdag men jag försökte recepten. Så läker! Tack för recepten!
Jag brukade bara 900 gr mjöl. Men bullarna är smaklig också :)
Jag hoppas att mina meningar är korrekt...


Vad duktig du är på Svenska :)


Great recipe! Been baking up a storm all evening. I went ahead and dipped them in butter, cinnemon and sugar after i had knotted them up to make them extra sticky and yummy, in addidtion to the suger/butter/cinnemon mix inside! Thank you so much for sharing, especially the knotting part, i`ve always wondered how they did that;)

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