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July 06, 2008


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Turid Mari

Hiii :)
Thank you so much for all the ideas you share and the inpiration you give :)
I just bought my first apartment, and I have to redo everything, cause it's really old and UGLY ;) I also love white, it just looks so clean and fresh to me :)
What I really wanted to thank you for is the shoeshelf you've build and shown here.. I've been busting my brains trying to figure out what to do with the nook in the hallway to make the most of it.. there hall is narrow, and there isn't really anywhere else to store things that in that nook! Ahh.. hope you don't mind me copying and slightly altering your shelf ;)

Hugs from Turid.

Turid Mari

åj.. så ikke at du va svensk ;) Da kunne jeg kanskje skrevet på norsk, men men :):)


Hej Turid! Det går jättebra att skriva på norsk! Välkommen!


I admire your organized house. Sometimes an idea can smack one in the head with an 'of course!' The matching hangers did that for me. Of course! That is just exactly what I need to improve my closets. Thank You!


The photos of folded jeans, khakis, and shirts looks like a clothing display at the Gap-it's lovely! Do you use one of those folding boards to fold your shirts so neatly?


Jean, no boards, I worked in the clothing industry for a long time before my current job so I've folded a t-shirt or two...I fold them real quickly against my own body. Hold the garment infrom of me with one hand on each sholder and then with my little fingers turn in the sides and fold down.


Benita! thank you so much for the tour of how you store your clothing (and martin's). I like the three baskets below martin's clothes.... I may use that idea myself.

thanks :)


I have a similar system. Sort of. My problem is organizing accessories. I have WAY to many!

Thank you for showing the world your husband's unmentionable's. Haha!


Åh, det är så härligt att se hur organiserad du är! Själv försöker jag/vi, men det är alltid något kvar som vi inte får så bra ordning på. Men idag ska jag banne mig ordna bland böckerna i bokhyllan... eller kanske garderoben? Det är semester det! ;)


Hi Benita!! thank you for your clothes organization tour! I wanted to ask you too, but I got a bit shy...
But now that the subject is on ..
Can I also ask :How do you do to storage your seasonal clothes?... I grew up in a country with just one season and it is getting harder to organize and storage clothes for winter and summer over here in Australia. I will appreciate if your share your solutions. Thank you very much in advance for everything!!!!


Wonderful idea! Where did you buy the hang gliders and were they difficult to mount?


Ivice, post coming up later today!

Anna, I got them a specialty hardware store where they cut the track for us to the correct length. I think Elfa make and sell them too, but this is more heavy duty according to the guy selling it to me which we needed because of the size and weight of the doors. It wasn't difficult to mount at all. You get a paper template so the little bits are positioned correctly on the doors. I was a little freaked out at first as they are free hanging with no bottom support. I was afraid they'd come crashing down (thick MDF board of that size are h-e-a-v-y)but so far so good and they've been up over a year now.


thank you for the post. i currently have a closet i need to reconfigure, removed a wall and made it bigger and i am going to use these ideas!


Hi Benita!

I absolutely love your blog, it's my favourite! Keep on blogging!

kind regards from the Netherlands


One of the smartest things I've done this year is to hang all my tops and color-coordinate them. It makes it SO much easier to find things that matches and to figure out what to wear.

I love your blog! I've always thought I was well organized, but that was before I started reading here... ;-)


I love that Keep Calm and Carry On poster. I have a tiny one in my kitchen, but reddish orange background.


I already try your arrangement in my room, and I think it's good for me. Thanks for your idea.


This looks awesome!
The tutorial link won't seem to work for me though.

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