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June 07, 2008


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Congratulations!! What a beautiful boat!! The name that comes to my mind is
"Serena". Enjoy your weekend!


Very pretty boat!

Angie - Australia

Matlida - something different and from Australia!

Karen Staples

Keeping it simple: Bateau Larsson


How about "Three Junes"?
Great boat....looks like a cozy and relaxing place!


I second Karen Staples' suggestion!


"BMW" (Benita, Martin and Willy)


"Shock to Beauty"


Ellas Inspiration

It's a beauty! What about "Bella" - the boat! All letters can be found in your names! BR Karin


"No Regrets"


Actually, now that I've 'slept' on it, I like your name "Yay, She Floats!"


i suwannee

i just accidently sent this to my husband. he's going to shriek with happiness. well, no shrieking, maybe groaning? something manly.

i love it.



I LOVE your boat. You never cease to amaze me with your undertakings and the beautiful results.

Oh...and I vote for Bella (although I'm a bit biased). Thanks for sharing.


Cadeau? (since it was a gift: The bateau cadeau.) Could be the gift that keeps on giving. This of all the adventures at sea.

få or Catch? If that is the word in swedish. so short and sweet (but maybe lost in translation, when it's your mother tongue).

La Petite Baleine?

Bell'morrow? (some portmanteau-y combo non-word meaning loosely. beautiful tomorrow/ Beautiful day?)

The boat is adorable. Reminds me of Jose Saramago's little fable, The Tale of the Unknown Island. A very charming read for both young and old with sweet illustrations to match.


"think" of all the adventures... (typo)


Mindsprinter, thank you so much for all the name suggestions! Three months in and she still floats but the engine isn't working unfortunately...


Hoorah, still floating! Does your family just bob about at the dock for now? ha.

Someone I know just bought a small boat too (that also needs repairs). I gave her your boat link (though she already knew about your blog - which we both love). Maybe you will have some advice for her with your experience(?)


Not bobbing much longer. It's time to get her up out of the water soon. And she's for sale...I can do a lot but I can't do engines and apparently neither can Martin ... Hopefully we'll be boatless for a while. I've realised I don't have the time or the inclination to spend time on a boat. Sad but true :)


Something in swedish - like "woman" - or "hi" -
a boat is like another woman -
looks sweet.
I am about a year late....what is the name?


We are in the process of selling her just now... there just wasn't enough time and some engine issues neither of us can handle. She's going to a good home though. The new owners seem really keen and interested in keeping he afloat.

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